Should you need a structure to create a limited commercial area, for an isolated industrial need or for temporary or permanent warehousing, we offer our clients great quality and a large variety of marquee sizes unlike any other on the Portuguese market.

This range of structures which can be totally disassembled offers an instant solution for a covered are and is appropriate for endless commercial, industrial and warehousing needs.

They can be rapidly assembled, easily extended or disassembled and entirely relocated with minimum disruption to business operations at an unprecedented speed in comparison to the service rendered by other companies.

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When you contact us to hire a marquee for your event you will find a great variety of solutions. From traditional marquees to stretch and even inflatable marquees. 

SO has all types available on the market, from the most conventional to the latest models, from an innovative and state-of-the-art range.

Besides having a variety of marquees, you may also choose the most adequate size regarding the number of guests and everything you may require making the most of the interior of the marquee. 

When you contact SO, our technicians will help you choose the right marquee with the right size ensuring that you get the most value from the structure and consequent investment.

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