If you are looking for a new, modern and refreshing image for your event, then you are talking to the right people as you are a few minutes away from choosing the right marquee for your event. A Stretch marquee is the best solution to create memorable events with an absolutely unique atmosphere. Without a shadow of a doubt the latest trend in marquees for any type of wedding or event and now available in Portugal at Sombra Obrigatória; very popular to cover any type of surface. All kinds of events such as weddings, christenings, festivals, parties, corporate events and so many others will never be boring given the versatility of its usage and form resulting in an endless world of options.

Appealing Image

Stretch marquees are the new trend given their good atmosphere and appealing look. A choice that is becoming very popular at events that use marquees. Those who are bold enough to try a Stretch marquee at their event will most definitely be pleasantly surprised. Its curved and organic form complements and blends in with the surrounding areas. Make the most of the lighting and decoration possibilities that such unique marquees offer making it possible to create modern environments with a very welcoming atmosphere for any type of event.

Versatility of form

Each marquee has numerous possibilities when it comes to its setting up. It can be adapted to each event given its specific characteristics. You may choose to set it up with the sides opened or closed according to the weather conditions or even next to a building to create more space and make the most of an outdoor area.

Various size options

Each event, besides the location where the marquee will be set up, has its own particularities and number of guests. Hence, various size alternatives are required so that each event has the right sized marquee. For more information check the sizes available.


Resistance to adverse weather conditions

The marquees were designed to withstand all types of adverse weather conditions. Our seams stretch in all directions and are always waterproof. Stretch marquees can also be designed to block high winds. The fixing system used guarantees the safety of the marquee under windy conditions. The canvasses are also UV resistant and thus block the harmful rays out.


Easy to use

Stretch marquees are very lightweight compared to traditional marquees and take up much less storage space. They are also easier to transport and store. The poles can be disassembled, and the marquees can be transported in a small vehicle. It may need 3 to 5 people to set up depending on size. A professional team of 3 people will not take longer than 2 hours to assemble a small sized marquee or 4 hours for a large sized one


Covers with a light and elegant look

Because we use the most innovative canvasses on the market we meet all the standard safety regulations applicable around the world which once again demonstrates that we follow the highest quality standards. For smaller marquees such as those up to 9x12m, we use 300g / m2 Ultra-light Stretchflex. For that reason, we use Formatex, a stronger canvass with longer durability and resistance to cover areas of more than 100m2 but which also have a very elegant look to them.

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