There are many suppliers of inflatable marquees in the world but only a few can offer sealed inflatable marquees i.e. that after having been inflated do not need a constant supply of air and that are totally sealed like a tyre.

Represented by SOMBRA OBRIGATÒRIA, AXION offers the most complete range of pneumatic marquees available in Portugal, in terms of variety of models and sizes. Besides being extremely reliable, which is without a doubt one of their greatest values, these marquees are also very easy to assemble and use due to a set of modular components that comes with each model of the inflatable range.

Inflatable and sealed marquees for events

There is no doubt that our range of inflatable marquees leads the market for those who want to stand out due to their cutting-edge design and safety when used outdoors

These modern and elegant polyurethane inflatable marquees, have been conceived with the same principle as that of a sealed pneumatic air chamber lined with a polyester cover. The practical results reveal excellent stability and safety even under the most extreme weather conditions. Because they are sealed there is no need for a permanent connection to electrical power which always increases the price of any inflatable marquee. Simply inflate it with a manual or electric pump once and your structure will be ready until the end of the event. Furthermore, our largest marquee will fit inside your car and can be assembled by one or two people.

High Quality sealed TPU tubes

All the marquees use interior structures made from 250mic TPU tubes using HF vulcanization technique. All these air chambers are lined with a 500D HT polyester cover. We are talking about an extremely resistant material which means the entire structure is very rigid although flexible under high temperatures such as under desert heat or under low temperatures such as those of the cold of snow.

Limitless colours

As the marquees are not purchased pre-manufactured in the east and are entirely manufactured in our supplier’s factory, it is possible to personalise each marquee according to the specific order. The print on these marquees is entirely made with sublimation printing technology, which offers a limitless possibilities of printing colours.

No additional costs for your event

Besides the possibility of using an electric pump the marquee can also be inflated using a battery powered or manual pump in approximately 10 minutes. Even if you only have a standard electric pump, after inflated, the marquee can be moved to the location of your event.

Extreme safety

Our inflatable marquees are the safest on the market and compared to metal structure marquees there is no danger of rigid components in case of an accident.
As far as wind is concerned our pneumatic marquees were tested under winds of 100Km/h and certified for 60Km/h winds, being able to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. The structure of these marquees is quite flexible and will keep safe all those that use it during high winds as they are prepared to bend and twist with the wind always returning to its original form.

Intelligent inflating system

The patented inflating system constituting one central direction, affords the luxury of there being only one point of inflation as well as controlling the pressure between the different chambers which means that any possible air leaks are easily detected This system is found on practically all marquees of our inflatable marquee range.

One zipper and change the lining

Control your budget and just change the lining keeping the inflatable structure of the marquee. With the Zip-off system you may change the lining of your marquee at any time and adapt to different colours and contexts or even different publicity campaigns.


All sizes and models of our inflatable marquee range can be connected using a tunnel to create a marquee village, you may even connect different models and sizes to one another.

Reversible sides

Should I order the decoration for the interior or exterior of the marquee? That problem no longer exists with our sealed inflatable marquee models because all the sides are reversible. You may even decorate both sides by using an opaque interior lining thus maximizing your campaigns and events.

Aluminium components

The bases are the only cast aluminium components on practically all our marquee models, making these marquees exclusive, practical and safe. These components are used to anchor the marquees to the ground and are simultaneously used to stretch the lining

It can be totally repaired by the user

In case you are faced with a situation where you must repair the marquee immediately, there is a repair kit available for all models. Thanks to the Zip-off system of the lining and to the possibility of disassembling each tube from the central connection, you may repair each part of the structure of the marquee in just a few minutes without having to send the entire structure to a repair centre.

Easy to Transport

Totally packed into a trolley type bag with wheels, each sealed inflatable marquee (except for the FLOWER model) can be easily transported in any car. This is one of the great advantages of our inflatable marquees in comparison to metal marquees, besides easily taking the entire structure to the location of the event reducing the cost of manhandling all the parts that comprise a marquee.

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