Our aluminium marquees are certified and manufactured by “Roder” a brand well known around the world, renowned for contemplating numerous innovative design characteristics and for their quality which can be found throughout the range.


With a standard eave height of 2.3m, the large number of openings ranging from 3m to 10m and the modular sections, every 3m and every 5m, these marquees offer great versatility for whatever needs the clients may have according to their events.


Besides the great versatility in terms of assembly and consequent size required there is also a vast number of design options to meet your preferences. Gable and high-peaked roofs are some of the most popular examples.


All the main components of the structure of our marquees are manufactured from a combination of highly adonised European aluminium and galvanised steel (resistant to corrosion) treated by heat immersion which is used for all the connecting parts and have Roder’s German manufacturing guarantee. The Covers supplied are, anti-fungicide and flame retardant in both translucent or opaque PVC in accordance to international standards including DIN 4102 B1, BS 5438 /7837.


If you would like to acquire any of these models you may also personalize it with a large variety of accessories such as glass walls or solid ABS panels, doors, roofs, motifs, ramps, flooring systems, integrated cassette or steel systems and much, much more.


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