Diamond Pack
Planning and bringing to life all that you dreamed of!!

The Diamond Pack was conceived to give you all the assistance you need for your wedding!

If your event starts with the choice of marquee imagine having someone permanently at your disposal to help you plan and bring to life the wedding of your dreams. That’s right, our Diamond Pack gives you a Sombra Obrigatória member of staff to deal solely with your wedding and make sure that nothing is forgotten. This way you have all the assistance you need in one place for one of the most important moments of your life, enjoying the benefit of having to deal with just one person. Financially it will obviously reduce costs as logistics, assembly, transport and service are all concentrated which obviously reduces the final cost of your event.

Platinum Pack
Hire of marquee, platform, lighting, carpet, air conditioning, tables and chairs

If your idea is to enjoy your event don’t waste your time with several suppliers. SO can supply you with all the equipment necessary freeing up your time for other matters that an event requires.

If you opt for the Platinum Pack, you won’t have to worry about anything because SO will take care of it all. From the choice of the most adequate marquee to the best platform, indoor and outdoor lighting according to your wishes, the laying down of a carpet to create a more elegant environment, to the safety of climatization ensuring the comfort of your guests, as well as the most appropriate tables and chairs taking into consideration the number of people including the choice of the cutlery and dining set, Sombra Obrigatória is the right partner to bring together all these services. Just enjoy your event and your guests

Gold Pack
Hire of marquee, platform, lighting, carpet and air conditioning

If, given the season of the year the weather conditions may be a little harsher, do not disregard the possibility of climatizing your event.

If the location where your event is taking place is more exposed to weather conditions, it will be necessary to climatize the marquee to ensure the comfort of your guests and prevent the event from coming to an early end. For this reason, the Gold Pack besides the marquee, platform, carpet and lighting also offers as another complement the climatization of your event. This way nothing can go wrong!

Comfort Pack
Hire of marquee, platform, lighting and carpet

For those looking for something a little more refined SO conceived the Comfort Pack.

This pack means that you not only guarantee the minimum conditions of your event, like those of the Standard Pack but you and your guests will be more comfortable by having a carpet placed over the marquee platform. There is no doubt that details make the difference and in this case the difference is impressive, a safe bet that will reflect upon the good mood of your guests.


Standard Pack
Hire of marquee, platform and lighting

If the ground where the marquee is to be assembled is not the most adequate for your guests due to its characteristics you may opt for our Standard Pack.


The Standard Pack is with no shadow of a doubt recognised by our clients as basic, as after choosing the structure that is most adequate for your event, we are often faced with the problem of the ground not being the most appropriate for the formal attire the event requires. Hence the laying down of a platform is, in 90% of cases, essential to complement the structure assembled. Besides the Marquee and the platform, the Standard pack also includes the lighting, something that is often forgotten, but that once it starts to get dark you notice is missing. For that reason, our Standard Pack guarantees the basic principles, i.e. the marquee, platform and indoor lighting.

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