Does the marquee withstand the wind?
Does the marquee withstand the wind?

Our marquees, regardless of model, have all been tested and certified under high winds. It is, however, important to consider that all marquees regardless of the type used have a resistance limit. Assembling and using marquees under extreme weather conditions is not recommended especially taking into consideration the safety of users.

Can the marquee be assembled on the beach?

Yes, it is possible to assemble a marquee on the beach. In any case it is important to know what the weather conditions will be like as even though the marquees are incredibly resistant we do not recommend them in extreme weather conditions.

Do you have transparent marquees?

There are three types of marquees: Translucent, opaque and transparent. We have all three options!

Can I cover my swimming pool with a platform and a marquee?

We have various platform solutions to cover swimming pools from transparent ones where you can make the most of the effect of the swimming pool water and lights to others made of wood that totally cover the surface and you no longer see the water. It all depends on what kind of solution you are […]

Is it necessary to perforate the floor to set up a marquee?

It all depends on the location where the marquee is to be assembled. Our technicians have a vast experience in assembling marquees and can explain this to you and thus assist in the choice of the best solution to fixate the marquee and guarantee all the safety regulations.

Can I book a marque for a certain date?
Can I book a marque for a certain date?

Of course. You just need to speak to one of our technicians, choose the marquee that best suits your needs and book the date of your event with us.

What type of marquees do you have?

We do not only have the commonly called “party tents” with an aluminium structure we also have other ranges of marquees that can better adapt to your event or location such as what are known as stretch or extensible marquees and inflatable ones with a high pressure or pneumatic structure

What other complements do you have for my event?

We have a large range of complementary items from which you may choose the most appropriate ones for your event such as various types of flooring, climatization, sound systems, lighting, dance floors, stages, portable toilets, generators as well as tables, chairs and other furniture items, tablecloths, outdoor furniture, glasses and cristal wear, cutlery, serving cutlery, […]

Do you just supply the marquee, or do you have other extras?

Sombra Obrigatória has various services and extra items that help complement your event, the great advantage is that you centralise all the work with just one supplier meaning that the assembly and disassembly work can flow in a natural way without any delays or setbacks which usually happen when various suppliers are involved instead of […]

Do you have marquees for weddings?

Yes. We have a wide range of marquees allowing you to choose the most adequate one for your event

Is it very expensive to hire a marquee?
Is it very expensive to hire a marquee?

The cost depends on several factors. The size of the marquee, transport/travel costs and place of assembly are without a doubt the most relevant factors when it comes to calculating a total cost  

Do you provide your services in any part of the country?
Do you provide your services in any part of the country?

Yes! We work all over continental Portugal, the archipelago of Madeira, the Azores and Spain

How do I know which is the most adequate marquee for my event?

You just need to get in touch with us! Our staff will analyse the location where you wish to set up the marquee, the number of people and everything else you wish to do both indoors and outdoors and will recommend the best one for your event

• How can I get a quote?

You just need to contact us. Our staff will answer all your questions at no additional cost

How long does it take to assemble a marquee?
How long does it take to assemble a marquee?

The time required to assemble a marquee depends on several factors starting with the size of the marquee itself. In any case you should not be concerned with that once after we have been awarded the work our technicians will programme the assembly in such a way that everything will be ready at the time […]

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